Dennis Christiaens has over 47 years experience in the management, installation, maintenance and service of elevators. He is experienced in commercial contract development, and negotiations. He has assisted in the design and application of new and retro-fit elevators products and spent 16 years as a District Service Manager for a major manufacturer. His past responsibilities have included the management of district and regional elevator modernizations, contract service and sales. During this time, he spent 5 years on a Regional Quality Leadership Team helping to develop new ideas and skills in the elevator industry.

In addition he has over 15 years of "hands-on" experience in the field, where he performed the installation, adjusting, maintaining and servicing of elevators.

Mr. Christiaens carries both Class A Contractors and Journeyman's Licenses.

He previously served as Senior Consultant with National Elevator Consultants, Inc. and in the year 2001 became the President and Owner of the Company.

JAMES WHIMS- Senior Elevator Inspector

James Whims joined National Elevator Consultants in the year 2009 and brings 42 years of experience in the elevator industry. He has performed 39 years as a new equipment installer, service mechanic and technical trainer for a major elevator manufacturer. His experience covers all the facets of new construction, maintenance, modernization and service repair.

His background covers both vintage and current micro-processor-based controls used in escalator and vertical transportation systems.

Mr. Whims also carries a Class A Journeyman's License.

STUART WELLER - Senior Elevator Inspector

Stuart Weller joined NECI January 2012 and he brings 36 years of elevator experience in the elevator industry. He performed 17 years in the elevator industry installing new equipment and adjusting elevators for final turn over with a major elevator manufacturing company. He also has 17 years as a construction and modernization manager for the same major elevator manufacturing company.

His back ground covers the new installation of hydraulic, freight and traction elevators. He spent most of his career in the field as a foreman, adjusting all types of elevators. He also over saw many new installations and modernization jobs as a construction/modernization manager.

Mr. Weller also carries a Class A Journeyman's License.

DAVE WALLS - Elevator Inspector

Dave Walls recently joined NECI January of 2018. He brings with him 44 years of experience in the elevator industry. Mr. Walls has worked for 2 global manufacturers and also as an independent contractor.

His background includes new equipment sales, project management and contract administration. This extensive background also gives him knowlege of service, modernization sales, supervision and branch management.

Mr. Walls is also QEI certified and carries a Michigan Elevator Journeypersons license