PRE-ENGINEERING CALCULATION (PEC) to determine present state-of-the-art elevator/escalator requirements for the new and modernized buildings.

EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE AUDITS (EPA) & CONTRACT ANALYSIS (CA) relative to the new and existing equipment. We include job specific evaluations contract analysis and traffic studies, to determine the fulfillment of "new installation" and service coverage agreements with your elevator contractor.

DESIGN CRITERIA (DC)for space restrictions, load reactions, electrical requirements, average passenger waiting interval, passenger handling capacity, and performance relative to building population.

SPECIFICATIONS AND BIDDING DOCUMENTS (SBD's) for maintenance, service and new products which include terms, conditions, insurance coverage, performance requirements, technical application, payments schedules etc.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PM) including meetings, material/design approvals, substitutions, code variations, payment approvals, interim inspections, plus design and final performance testing to meet maximum criteria.

FEASIBILITY STUDIES (FS) a study performed to determine what equipment should be new, reused, repaired and/or modified during major repairs and/or modernization.